In Australia, I fell over and bumped my head, it was very sore. Gran and Gogga flew to Australia to look after me.

It took a while to start to walk and talk again but I am better now. I still have a few symptoms though. My memory is bad and loud noises give me a shock.


Your mum is my big sister and Gran and Gogga are my Mum and Dad.

Paul and I fell in love at Glasgow. We both love travelling we went to live in Australia in 2007. We lived there for a few years and on our way back got married.

We now have a little boy called Jack who was born in 2016. He's your cousin!


In Australia I had art therapy rehabilitation. I painted myself from after I banged my head, look it's called "Rehab"!

Back in Glasgow I did an art therapy course. I drew "a view from a window" so drew what I saw when in hospital in Melbourne.

We now live in Glasgow and have two dogs called Hudson and Morgan.

They are friendly boys and we spend lots of time walking them.

When it's warm outside they like to swim in the river!

Here are some photos of our lads! Take a look...

Nov 2014

Guess what girls...Uncle Paul and I have bought ourselves a new house! 

At the moment we live in a small one bedroom flat. What with us and our two big lively dogs there's not much space to move around. 

But this new house is bigger and has an upstairs with three bedrooms!



When our boys are quiet and asleep as in the top photo, there's room in our flat...

...but when they start play fighting as in the bottom photo we have to duck for cover!


While viewing the house, we entered a little room on the ground floor. As soon as I walked in I knew that it would be my studio. So this is where I'll keep my paints and brushes and do all of my painting from now on. It's made me very excited!