I have always enjoyed art.
I started painting when I went with your Mum, Gran and Gogga on summer holidays.

I'm always painting and I like painting hands and faces.
I have shown my work in many countries... Australia, Italy, America and here in the UK.

Here are some of my paintings. Can you see Uncle Paul, Gran and Gogga?

Some pictures of my paintings in galleries, and some pictures of me painting too!

August 9 2015

I want to tell you girls about what I'm doing as an artist just now. I packed off lots of my paintings to New York at the beginning of the year.

They've been in two exhibitions at my Gallery, one in March and the other is on right now! Uncle Paul and I went over to see the first one which was great. But haven't made it this time. Ah well we'll go on holiday later this year, so never mind!

Below are some photos and a film that was taken of the Opening Night. Can you see me?!

If you'd like to see more of my paintings then look at these links: