March 2015

We just got back from our visit to America yesterday and are very tired - we got no sleep last night while on the plane all night!

We first went to New York to go my my Opening Night as I had an exhibition in my Agora Gallery - see News page. We then passed through Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia before coming home.

 Metro underground Washington DC

Exhibition in Philadelphia. I bought the middle painting which was rather hard to get home on the plane!
Traditional view in United States of America with tall shiny buildings
Visionary Museum, Baltimore, beautiful mosaics in the sunshine
Went to basketball match. It was loud and exciting and hotdogs and beer
Thank Uncle Paul for this stunning shot of their flag. I cannot take credit for it, unfortunately!

We had a fantastic time travelling through some exciting and beautiful cities. Both your Uncle and I love travelling, but now it's time to go back to work until the next time!


August 2014

Hello there Evie and Rose! Been looking through photos of our recent travels and I wanted to show you a few. So here they are...

Uncle Paul and I moved to Melbourne in 2007. We then travelled Borneo in 2008 - just before my brain injury. 

On our way back to UK we passed through New Zealand which was a wonderful experience! My New Zealand friend in Melbourne told us lots of places to go and visit.


In 2009 we travelled south east countries in Africa. It was beautiful and we learned about different cultures and how they live. It was a life changing experience for us.

 June 2014

Uncle Paul and I have just travelled in Italy. It was a great place to stay, with warm weather, nice food and great lifestyle… I ate ice cream every day! 

They grow huge numbers of lemons and make limoncello, which is an alcoholic lemon drink that tastes very nice. There is also plenty of fresh fish to eat that was caught on the coast. 

Have a look at the photos we took of our travels!


While in Italy we went to some awe inspiring places. We visited Mount Etna which is the tallest active volcano in Europe. It is active right now... although we didn't see any smoke while we were there!

Italy also has many ancient churches and temples. Can you see Auntie Lucy and Uncle Paul in some of the photos? 


June 2014

Some photos of our travels! 
Here I am in Melbourne, Australia where we used to live. There are lots of tame parrots living in Australia.

Uncle Paul and I also visited Sydney. Can you see the Sydney Opera House in this picture?



We also visited the Sahara Desert in Africa. Look, can you see Uncle Paul in this photo? He went for a walk in the sand dunes and he's a long way away!



When we travelled in Africa we passed across the Tropic of Capricorn. Do you know what that is? See, it's a line below the Equator. 

Look at the photo of us at the sign! We were in the country of Namibia.

Sept 2013

Paul and I went on holiday to Crete in Greece in September 2013 . It’s one of many Greek islands. The island is famous as it's where the first humans lived in Europe.

We stayed in a place called St Nicholas Bay which has a harbour with lots of boats. 
The island has old windmills used to pump water from the ground to water the crops. 
We went to a little village in the mountains. It was beautiful and had a village spring where the villagers could get fresh clean water to use.


Crete has different weather from Great Britain, it’s warmer and drier. Therefore lots of plants grow naturally there, which cannot grow in Great Britain. 
Have a look at these photos I took in Crete. I've included some shots from when I last went shopping in Glasgow. Can you see what they are and link them with my shopping pictures?!

I’ll end with some photos of Paul and I relaxing at our hotel and wandering around the island. We had a fantastic time on our holidays!